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The reason behind the rising popularity of smart drugs

Smart drugs have really been on the headlines a lot now owing to the rising demand for these medications. Though the idea that a pill can decide human intelligence is just a theory, there have been a lot of manufacturers and pharma industry giants who spend millions of money and time into the production of smart drugs that can enhance the cognitive performance of the brain. But why is the demand for these smart drugs on a new high? It is because of the competitive would we live in that students battle it out to outshine each other in their respective fields of education. Yes, reports state that smart drugs are being sought after largely by students in order to improve their memory and boost the concentration for longer study hours.

If you are so intrigued to find the reason behind this popularity, there can only be two reasons associated with it. One is that these smart drugs are undeniably beneficial on so many levels and they hype is true to an extent. The other reason is that these smart drugs are easily available and are affordable too for students and adults alike. However, to understand the rise of these smart drugs better, it’s time we talk about one such potential performance enhancement drug that is widely popular among students and working professionals all over the world.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is also called as a nootropic due to its ability to enhance cognitive function in a variety of approaches. Modafinil is primarily a wakefulness drug that is used to treat sleepiness in narcoleptic patients, day time sleepiness, sleep apnea and it is also used in ADHD patients for better focus and concentration. Modafinil was first used for these purposes after which it saw a great following in students and working people for its abilities to improve cognitive performance of the brain. With many smart drugs out there, Modafinil does stand out from the rest due to the following reasons.

  • Modafinil is not a stimulant – Modafinildoes not act like a stimulant but it follows the same mechanism without causing any jittery or speedy crashes. In fact, it does not even have a withdrawal like other classical stimulants
  • Modafinil is not Addictive-Modafinil doesn’t cause addiction in people.
  • Very few insignificant side effects-Modafinil is pretty much safe that even people who have been consuming it for more than 4 years do not experience any significant side effects.
  • It is worth they hype and it works –Modafinil isn’t just a myth, while it really processes the memory function efficiently without any negative effects. It really proves why most people are after this smart drug for it definitely cooks up wonders.

How does Modafinil enhance brain functions?

Modafinil works in a variety of ways that culminate into one main function of improving the brain’s performance in gradual steps without any significant side effects. Rather than sticking to the theory, let’s look up to the evidence that proves the effects of Modafinil.

  • There are records to prove that it resists fatigue in a great way and improves mood to keep mind fresh and running.
  • In adults, Modafinil is said to increase the reaction time, mindfulness, motivation levels and fatigue.
  • A study done by a renowned University shows that Modafinil reduces the number of bad decisions effectively with the suppression of impulse responses.
  • Modafinil works on sleep deprived patients too by enhancing their cognitive functions.
  • It is not the case that Modafinil works only in people with low I There are evidences for its proficiency in upgrading IQ even in normal people.

Is Modafinil safe?

Modafinil is pretty much safe as per the scientific studies since it does not cause addiction. However, it does carry with itself the risk of abuse which is taken advantage by some people who stay awake for a long time. Modafinil can keep you awake for long durations but it cannot really replace sleep in broader terms. As a result, the brain becomes weak and foggy again if it is deprived off the sleep and it can lead to the risk of abuse if this practice persists for a very long time. However, modafinil does not cause significant side effects if it is used properly to make complete use of the brain functions for productivity. But still it is better to get done with a genetic test before you use Modafinil or you could take to your doctor on the same for better clarity.

Modafinil among Students and Working Professionals

Students and working professionals are under immense pressure that they look for drugs like Modafinil to keep them afloat in this competitive world. Also, they only have less time but more work to do and hence they resort to smart drugs for boosting their efficiency. Modafinil is one of the popular smart drugs used by students and working professionals all over the world. A recent study stated that at least 14 to 25% of the student population has consumed Modafinil to enhance their learning capabilities just before an exam or to help them sit through the exam with increased focus and concentration.

Modafinil, in fact works well for students allowing them to use the study time productively. Apart from that it acts as an accelerator to the study efforts of the students enabling them to cover more portions without any lag. Modafinil can last up to 14 hours after consumption and hence it is mostly preferred by students and working professionals. But it is important to understand that Modafinil can’t replace sleep or initiate the recovery process. Our brain needs sleep and hence a good sleep can aid with recovery, while Modafinil acts as a tool to extract the best out of the cognitive functions.


It is in fact a good thing to witness the rise of popularity and demand for smart drugs like Modafinil. However, it is important that these smart drugs are used in appropriate ways so that the health of the individuals doesn’t deteriorate. A smart drug like Modafinil cannot make things happen on its own and it needs good sleep, food, exercise and self-discipline to act efficiently on the functions of the brain.