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Modafinil for Studying : The Brain Viagra

Modafinil for Studying

With increasing pressure on students to cope up with huge syllabus material and life, they are in search of a strong supplement or a drug that could help them focus better and concentrate well. This can, in turn, help them secure more marks and improve their cognitive performance for better. One such drug that is very popular among students today is Modafinil. Research states that at least 25% of the graduates in the UK and other countries use Modafinil to help them study for long hours and score well in their exams.

Modafinil is a DEA approved medication that is used in the treatment of sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorders. This medication came into practice mainly to treat the sleepiness disorder due to narcolepsy.  Now, Modafinil is popular all over the world since it is also used in people suffering from ADHD for attention and focus. Apart from that, it is used by students and working professionals who have to work for short hours with increased productivity.

Modafinil is slowly rising to be one of the most used study drugs in the world. The study drug is a word used to refer to a drug or a supplement that enhances the ability of students to study effectively. In fact, Modafinil is said to work better than most study drugs for students if it is used in the right way.

How Modafinil can boost performance in students?

Modafinil is definitely the king of the study drugs out there if it is used properly to derive all possible benefits from it. The mechanism of Modafinil is very unique and different that it works in different paths to combine all and improve the process of studying effectively.  Modafinil keeps the brain of students’ very awake, alert and also enhances the speed of electric impulses sent from the nerve fibers. It also improves the blood flow to the brain, thereby showing that students can study for long durations without any tiredness or fatigue.

The strengths of Modafinil are

  • Elevated wakefulness
  • Boosts memory power
  • Reduced weakness and tiredness
  • Increased dopamine levels
  • Improved focus and concentration

However, there are certain limitations with Modafinil as in it can’t really initiate the recovery process without good sleep. It cannot replace sleep and hence it comes back stronger with a good rest up to 7 to 8 hours. It might also produce certain side effects such as headaches, anxiety, dryness in the mouth and low appetite. Hence, it is important to understand how Modafinil can be used effectively for studying.

Using Modafinil for Studying

The use of modafinil for studying can be quite tricky if the strengths and limitation aren’t understood properly. Hence, here is a stepwise guide to use Modafinil for boosting your study efforts.

  • Have a good night’s sleep

It is important to understand that Modafinil can only prevent you from getting tired and that it cannot turn out to be a substitute for sleep. Hence, you need a good night’s sleep before taking Modafinil in order for the drug to work better on your body and make you study well. When you tend to rest, the brain can but put to optimal use after that. Modafinil just enhances this function for the brain for better results. Therefore, Modafinil works better only when you have rested enough.

  • Have a balanced food chart for the day

If you are not going to have a good nutritious meal for the day, then it is likely that your brain’s cognitive performance will suffer. In fact, the brain cells become foggy or the focus is lost just because of the deficiency in nutrients and that can happen if you do not have a well-balanced nutritious food before you start studying. One important point to note is that even Modafinil suppresses your appetite on consumption. Hence, it is always better to have a nutritious meal and also pack some nuts, fruits for the latter part of the day when you go on breaking your heads.

  • Take Modafinil

When it is time for you to study, you can have Modafinil but please remember that Modafinil takes at least 45 minutes for action. Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself for the process so that Modafinil can start working. Usually the recommended dose for students who study is 200mg of Modafinil, however, you can experiment with the 100mg first and then see which one of these doses works great for you.

After this, you will have to study well without any distractions. You can always switch off your phone or stay away from the Television in order to concentrate on what you have in hand. Also, this is the production time and the phase where your brain can enhance its cognitive performance with Modafinil for studying, so make use of the time productively without wasting it. Also, you can’t go on studying after a point of time and it is necessary that you give your brain the time to recover. So after a productive time of the study, have some sleep and then repeat the cycle again for exceptional results.

User Experience with Modafinil for studying

“I had my Modafinil in the morning by eight or something. I didn’t fancy staying awake the previous night and hence had a good sleep. I did eat some cereal and nuts before I could start studying. So I skipped reading people’s reports on how Modafinil helps them focus better and stuff. Frankly speaking, I didn’t want to expect much and get disappointed. So I was all set with my books and my laptop. The effects did kick in after some time and I was waiting to feel different. And ultimately, at a point, I felt something was different. I am unable to explain it but the letters on my books and laptop seemed so clear and I felt a great connection. It lasted for significant hours that my whole day was very productive.”

Modafinil for studying: Dosage Information

There is no recommended dosage for taking the Modafinil for studying. 200mg/day is the average dosage level prescribed for the individuals having conditions such as sleep disorders, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder.

Few buy Modafinil online and take a needed dose to concentrate on busy works or studying for the exam.

For instance, If you are not interested to study, but you will get motivated to complete your exams with no time. It won’t make you feel asleep while sleeping. You will get the best results only when you start using it as it is prescribed by your doctor.


Although Modafinil can be an excellent study drug, aiding students in all their endeavors, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and self-discipline are also very important to elevate cognitive performance. Modafinil is just another tool that can help you derive the best out of your brain’s functions for studying.


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