Frequently Asked Questions


How will I know my order has been placed?

A confirmation message would be immediately sent to your mobile number. Once the package has been shipped all details including the order ID and tracking number would be sent to the Email ID that you have registered. Once the medication reaches your location you would receive messages regarding the situation.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

The duration would be according to the delivery option that you have opted for in the website. In the case of overnight delivery or next day delivery, The package would be delivered to your location within 1 day’s time whereas if the user has opted for traditional delivery, the package would take maximum of 25 business days.

I am facing a problem at check out stage for my order, what should I do?

If the user faces any kind of problem while ordering the pills they are requested to contact our customer care team who would be available 24*7 through calls, chats or Emails. The issue would be resolved by the representatives as soon as possible.

My package was damaged when it was delivered to me, what should I do?

The user is requested to refer to the company’s Refund and Return policies to know about what would be done in such cases.

How do I get an assurance that my information is safe on your website?

Any information stored in a legal online store has a guaranteed safety assurance. We have secured networks through which transactions are made and thus it is made sure that intruders cannot access our customers details or information. Maintaining the privacy of our customers is our prior duty.

Are all the tablets sold in your store licensed and safe?

All the pills and tablets sold in our website are FDA approved and licensed and hence it is safe for our customers to use. We can also guarantee authentic effect on the ailment as we source and purchase our medication from top pharmaceuticals.

What is the dosage amount that can we intake?

The dispensary does not suggest the dosage amount to its users, any doubts regarding the dosage amount should be clarified with your doctor. It is mandatory that you know this and have a prescription of it before you order your pills online.

Can I import the pills to my country?

we ship our medication to all parts of the world. If the laws of your country does not restrict for transportation of pills to your place, the the user is free to order from our online dispensary. People who live overseas can also order from us as we have shipping facilities.

Why is that you have such minimal costs?

We source our pills in bulk from authorized drug manufacturing companies and therefore we avail at a special rate. We buying it at a lesser cost is what helps us to provide for the customers at a minimal cost.

Can you suggest an alternative for Modafinil?

Consult your doctors before you choose an alternative. The results may vary from person to person and it best to seek the advice of your doctor as they may know the conditions best that has led the user to order Modafinil from our dispensary.

Is a prescription required to order Modafinil?

Yes. The dispensary insists on the prescription for ordering the drug. People tend to misuse the drug if not monitored and the drug is also addictive in nature. Customers are asked to consult their doctors to get a medical script before they order the pills.

Can I take Modafinil along with other medicines?

It is not advisable to take Modafinil along with any other medicine as they tend to interact with each other which may result in undesirable side effects.

Will I get addicted to the drug?

There are chances for addiction if the drug is misused, taken wrongly or in large quantities. The medicine is suitable for long term treatments, the risk of addiction is less when consumed properly and according to the prescriptions.

Why is Modafinil not working for me?

The effectiveness of the medicine would vary depending on the body conditions of each individual. If that is the case than the user can go for a more appropriate medication that is suitable for them.