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Can I buy Modafinil online safely? What are the dangers?

buy Modafinil online safely

Buying Modafinil has become a very common affair now since many people consume this medication for their medical conditions. Some people might even need Modafinil on a daily basis and buying it regularly can definitely become very expensive. In these cases most people search for low cost versions of Moafinil online and end up buying their medication from illegal dispensaries. As a result, they get affected due to the harmful effects, becoming a victim of these fake sellers. Hence, buying Modafinil online can be easy but it has its own dangers and as a customer you must always be well equipped to evade it.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is one of the most popular medications used to treat sleepiness, sleep apnea, work shift sleep disorder and other related issues. Modafinil is also called as the wakefulness drug since it promotes or increases the dopamine concentration to keep people focused and attentive.

Modafinil is a prescription only drug that can be bought at offline stores and online drug stores with a doctor’s prescription. Also, Modafinil is an addictive substance to some extent and hence it has been approved under the Schedule IV by the FDA and the DEA. Modafinil is sometimes misused by people due to the high though it is not advertised as a substance used to produce high in individuals. However, the abuse of the drug in recent times has put many people in the emergency in the US due to abuse and potential overdose.

The abuse of Modafinil occurs when

  • People use someone else’s Modafinil prescription for their own use
  • Modafinil is used for the high
  • Other drugs and alcohol is combined with Modafinil
  • Modafinil pills are crushed, injected or snorted for the effects.

The overdose of Modafinil takes place when higher doses of the medication consumed or when it is mixed with potential harmful drugs and alcohol.

Some of the symptoms of Modafinil overdose are Shaking, tremors, lack of co-ordination, delusions, seizures, breathing problems, coma, abnormal heart rate, slurry speech, etc.

In case of any encounter with Modafinil overdose, it is important that you call a doctor immediately to initiate with the medical assistance.

Why do people buy Modafinil online?

Most people buy Modafinil online for various reasons. But the main things is that people need sufficient amount of Modafinil reserves to keep themselves alert, awake, focused and also increase the levels of concentration. At this rate, if they keep using it daily, they may run out of the stock every now and then and buying it online is one of the easiest ways to stock up in bulk quantities without having to hassle between the traditional drug stores.

Other reasons why people might buy Modafinil online are

  • Faster and convenient way to buy Modafinil
  • Some online stores do not ask for a Modafinil prescription
  • For alternate version of Modafinil that are way more cheaper
  • Using digital currencies to buy Modafinil would keep them anonymous

Dangers of buying Modafinil online

Buying Modafinil from online stores without a valid prescription is an illegal activity by itself. However, it can also be dangerous for several reasons.

  • You could be making your purchase with an illegal dispensary

It is likely that you are buying Modafinil from an illegitimate online dispensary that is not based out of your country. Also, it is operating against the law by providing medications like Modafinil without a prescription. The aim of these dispensaries is to make money without any contemplation for the buyer’s health and safety.

  • The modafinil you buy could be a counterfeit product

There are more chances that these illegal pharmacies tend to sell fake Modafinil take advantage of the fact that you opt for their store for the low prices. They either add too much of the active ingredient or very less of it that either ways, it can be very harmful and totally ineffective. Some fake sellers even add arsenic, pain, poison, heavy metals and other toxic substances to their product. Or they might add substances with zero medicinal value.

  • Your financial information could be at risk

These illegal dispensaries or drug stores can expose your financial information by stealing your credit card information or misusing it without your permission.

  • You could be put behind the bars

Buying Modafinil online without a prescription is an offense under the law and hence you are liable to face the consequences if found out. Also, the U.S law doesn’t approve of the import of Modafinil medication from foreign manufacturers and if you are caught, you could face at least 10 years of jail.

  • The harmful side effects could make things worse

You are prone to face serious health effects that can be dangerous and even life threatening if you buy Modafinil online without a prescription from fake drug stores.

Fake Modafinil Online

Buying the fake Modafinil from illegal dispensaries can be the most dangerous risks of buying Modafinil online. It is because of the fact that these fake medications contain very harmful ingredients that could potentially threaten the life of any individual who consumed it. Also, these fake Modafinil medications aren’t that suspicious since it is packed in convincing packages that don’t really arise any doubts. Also, the fake medication looks exactly same as the authentic Modafinil and some companies even promise to sell kits that can detect counterfeit medications. But these kits cannot be trusted entirely and fake companies might sell fake kits too.

Is buying Modafinil online safe?

It is not just the case with Modafinil but buying any drug or medication online can be dangerous due to several other factors. It involves its own set of advantages and risks due to which it can make the whole process either memorable or unforgettable. With that being said, you will have to take necessary steps to identify authentic reliable stores by doing your own research every now and then. You can differentiate the good online stores from the bad ones by analyzing their website, the location they are based out of, the number of consulting pharmacists available and if they provide medications without prescription. There are other steps as well by which you can check for the ratings, reviews and customer preferences on public platforms to determine whether the online drug store you buy your Modafinil from is authentic or not. But please make sure that you do not get attracted to the very low price flash of certain fake dispensaries, which could affect your health, financial resources and even put you behind the bars in the worst cases.