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What do you know about Modafinil?

The drug modafinil is known for acting as a popular sleep alleviating agent. The main ingredient in the drug is called modafinil acid. It is widely used as an oral drug in pill form. The drug has got about 15 hours for the elimination half-life.

The drug can be availed in the market under various other trade names other than Modafinil, such as Provigil, Alterec, Modavigil etc. The probability of getting addicted to the drug is very less.

How can Modafinil benefit you?

Modafinil is widely used by those who are troubled by various sleep issues such as narcolepsy, shift work disorders and even from OSA. The drug is safe for use for all regardless of age. With the consumption of the drug, the balance of chemicals in the body is altered. The neurotransmitters are reasons for not letting the person stay awake. The drug helps to remove the tendency of sleepiness.

Usage of Modafinil

Modafinil drug starts to show its effect within an hour of intake. It is mandatory to have the pills without breaking or dissolving. If not taken as a whole, the working mechanism of the drug could be altered.

Because of which it is best to consume the pills without breaking, crushing or chewing the tablets. It is often recommended to use during the morning time period. it is not necessary that you need to have it with an empty stomach, you can have it after breakfast also. For those who use the modafinil drug prior to morning food, there may be tendencies for nausea. In that case use it after food.

When the drug is consumed following a high calorie meal, the time taken for the body to absorb the pill gets elongated. The active ingredient requires time to dissolve and get absorbed and then pass on to the bloodstream.

Modafinil working mechanism

The drug starts to kick in its effects, when it gets absorbed in the blood. At this stage, neurotransmitters in the body get altered. And the chemical changes and stimulates the human brain and enable to be alert and focused. This stimulation last till the active ingredient lasts in the body. It is found that, the use of the drug, helps the user to have cognitive enhancement resulting in increased alertness, focus and concentration.

The drug’s effectiveness is unquestionably great but still now there is no proper validation on the working mechanism of Modafinil.

Who manufacturers the Modafinil drug?

Modafinil drug is the trademark of Cephalon Inc . a subsidiary of Teva pharmaceuticals . The drug can be availed from the generic drug manufacturer. When the drug is a generic version, then it is less costly.

The market has many other branded versions of the same. You can buy them , but at a higher price. The results of the both, whether the generic version modafinil or the brand versions like Provigil are very similar.

However, which suits you can be best decided with the help of a doctor who can analyse your body conditions and then recommend wisely.

Safe use of Modafinil

People who use modafinil the most are those suffering from narcolepsy or various other sleep disorders. Also there are many who take it for improving their cognitive capabilities. The drug is best recommended for use, under those situations when the person gets highly sleepy or can’t remain alert and focused.

All this can be confirmed only with a mandatory discussion with the doctor who approves or denies its use according to your condition. The modafinil drug is a prescription only drug. But, we, the online modafinil dispensary enables the user to get prescribed with the drug online, if they do not possess a modafinil prescription.

Generic Modafinil

The generic modafinil have gained immense popularity among the users for it results in great alertness and focus for people. The drug being thee original version have stayed in the market for long, which itself have made it as a renowned drug amongst people for its wonderful benefits. For those who want to buy generic modafinil, it is best to approach an online modafinil dispensary, as its availability is easy in online market.

There are various other reasons for the use of thee generic modafinil; they are discussed in the following sessions.

ADHD and Modafinil

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder where the person lacks the capability to concentrate on an activity for not more than minutes. Those who suffer from ADHD can be characterised also by various other symptoms. This is worse in children, for whom their attention span is very less. They can do an activity only for a little time and will frequently turn up to another activity. This makes them alien themselves from amongst others, in doing even simple things like a basic conversation or staying still for some time.

These implications restrict them from having a normal life and have a good relationship socially and personally. And Modafinil will best serve them. The poor capability of them to retain focus can be resolved with the active ingredient of the drug. With the use of the drug, there are high chances of betterment.

Use of Modafinil in studies

There are many students at the college and school level, who opt for this drug when they have to render major exams in their life. As the current generation faces a tough syllabus it is often used. These students send sleepless nights working hard for the exam and then feel all the more sleepy during the exam in the morning.

There are many students who suffer from not being able to pay attention for long. They get lured by other activities happening around. And this distraction can be addressed well by Modafinil.

Those who need long hours of attention and focus over something, these pills are best to be taken. A single pill will be enough for them to prepare for the exam. And this dosage will yield a good concentration for them during their studies. There are also few people who spend the whole night right before their exam studying and revising and then just have a pill before an hour of the exam.

They would be fully awake with enhanced focus during their examination. They could do well by recalling all that they have studied. But this usage of modafinil is not a legal issue. It is an off label use of the drug.

Modafinil as a smart drug

Modafinil drug is popularly tagged as a smart drug, due to the fact that a person can show enhanced smartness with the consumption of the drug. This has been clinically proven by many researchers.

Clinical studies compared those individuals who took the medicine with those who didn’t. It is established the fact that the cognitive ability seems higher in those who took a Modafinil dose, over those who didn’t.

The comparison was done by taking various IQ tests that scaled the levels of cognitive functioning in both groups. And this result was a shred of valid evidence to show that with the use of the drug, the person can be smarter.

Modafinil vs Armodafinil

When you compare both Modafinil and Armodafinil, they are popular in the market as a remedy to treat various sleep issues.  These drugs are very similar in nature.

The active ingredient in modafinil is modafinil acid on the other hand,

Armodafinil is the active ingredient of Nuvigil

People can easily buy Modafinil online, and the drug in doses of 100mg, 150 mg and 200mg from online Modafinil dispensaries, like ours, Both the drug is used to treat sleep issues over a longer time period.

The generic version, Modafinil costs much less than that of the Armodafinil.

Side effects Of Modafinil

There are very fewer instances of side effects being reported with the use of Modafinil drug. It is all mostly due to the improper use of the drug without an authorised prescription.

  1. Minor after effects

These are a list of main side effects which are commonly observed. These symptoms can be avoided with simple steps or even with no efforts, but with just time.

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Poor appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Anxiety
  • Dry Mouth
  1. Major after effects

But there are few side effects experienced while consuming Modafinil,  which have to be given importance and attended to immediately to avoid worsened situations. They are –

  • High Fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Severe Depression
  • Severe chest pain and congestion
  • Severe skin allergies – Steven Johnson Syndrome.

User Reviews – Modafinil

Modafinil has been people’s favourite for making their lives a whole lot better in many ways. Different people are benefited by different uses of the drug. Here are a few reviews that show you delight in using the Modafinil drug.

“I have been struggling with Narcolepsy for more than 8 years. I have tried various treatments for it. Being a normal common family man, I faced with various issues such as not able to neither progress in career nor address my family needs due to the constant sleepiness that hinders me from having a normal day. And during this time, I was recommended with Modafinil drug. And I can’t describe in words of how my life has changed with the use of it.  I could be more efficient in my work and earn better, and also my family is happy to see me spend time with them with no sleepiness” – Emily

“I was a fresher into the IT sector and started by a career with Night shifts. But I faced great trouble with my sleepiness and could not focus on work. I was warned a couple of times for not meeting my work requirements. I was stressed down and went almost into depression. At this point, I came to know about Modafinil drug and started to use it with the doctor’s guidance. And till today I’m grateful towards the smart drug, Modafinil to have saved my life from sinking in the initial stages of my career and have enabled me to see colours in the same” – Sam Moody

Why prefer to buy Modafinil?

If you look in the market for the best remedy for bringing in relief to sleep issues that ruin peoples normal life, is Modafinil. This drug, which works as wakefulness- promoting agent has served many and existed in the market for a very long period of time. This is the basis of the drug’s goodwill.

As the drug has not caused serious issues in the past, it is not a problem to have the drug. You can experience this when you get prescribed with this wonderful drug. If you are amongst those who suffer from sleep issues, Modafinil will serve you to be a great option.

Our promises for you

We assure you that you can enjoy a great experience of buying Modafinil online from, as you can save a whole lot of your hard earned money.

This is a worldwide online Modafinil dispensary, which strives hard to cater to the needs of the customers. If you are amongst those who want to buy Modafinil with valid Rx, then you can avail premium quality true pills from You can experience great services at very less cost. When you compare our prices with other online pharmacies, you can find it to be the most affordable one.

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Top 5 Tips

To Take Modafinil effectively

Take Recommended Dose

Modafinil 200mg , 100mg or 50 mg? Still confused. Get your doctor help and take it as it is recommended

Time your dose

As Modafinil will last for long hours like 12 to 15 hours. It is better to time your dose to avoid drowsiness. It is better to take this drug during morning.

Avoid mixing with other drugs

It is very dangerous to mix this drug with other medicines like benzodiazepines, nitrates and etc., Consult your doctor for more information

Plan a Proper Diet

This smart drug reduces the appetite so try to plan the proper diet. It will help you stay healthy and minimize the side effects of Modafinil

Have a Good sleep

It is important not to disturb your sleep cycle while taking these smart drugs. Taking a good nap will prevent sleep side effects.

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