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Thinking about where to buy Modafinil online but confused?

Buying prescription drugs like Provigil online should be done only with proper steps. There is no need for any worries as the procedure is really very simple for the purchase.

We would let you know about the simple way that can be followed to procure this drug online. There are some things that need to be checked before you take a decision. Continue reading this article as it has every detail about it. A step by step procedure is available on how to obtain these drugs through an online pharmacy and the most important thing is that you do not feel cheated. First, let us think about the history of the medication and where it came from.

Who prompts the sale of Modafinil?


Sun Pharma and HAB pharmaceutical companies are the two manufacturers of this medication. They would sell the tablets across the world.

We would think about the difference of these two manufacturing companies. Sun Pharma is in the business for a decade and they have a very good track record. The medication that is manufactured by this company is allowed to be sold in the United States of America. The rate of the medication that is sold by this company is expensive compared to HAB.

Now, let us look about HAB pharma and it is very new to the business. It is a small company which is selling Modafinil tablets in India. This company is not approved by the FDA hence they cannot sell the pills to the USA.

Forms and Flavors of Modafinil and the branding.

This Modafinil medication is available in two forms. First one is named as Modafinil and another one is Armodafinil. These two drugs would have the similar effect on the body even though there might be certain variation in the chemical component.

With regards to Modafinil, it is in pure form and if you consider Armodafinil it is a fifty-fifty mixture.

Modafinil can be taken by those who are trying the wakefulness promoting agent for the first time. Some people can also take the latter as we have already mentioned that it provides the same effect.

Sun Pharma is known to brand the medication as Modalert and the latter one as Waklert. However when you consider HAB pharma, it would promote Modafinil as Modvigil and Armodafinil as Artivigil.

Various flavors of the Modafinils are also available from both these drug manufacturers.

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Vendors that sell Modafinil online.

In need of nootropics? Then you have to check certain things. The only reason behind this is that getting the pills online can be very tricky.

People would have heard about bad experiences after choosing an online pharmacy so we do not need to warn about it to you. We would only let you know on how to evaluate the online pharmacy before choosing them to get the drug for the course of therapy.

Most of the developed countries like Canada and German do follow strict policies. Few of the countries would not allow the online pharmacies to ship the medication to their country. There might be certain restrictions as well.

In this case, you have to choose an internet based pharmacy based on your law and requirement. We would now be explaining on how to filter and pick a trusted online vendor. This should be followed if you want to be safe during the course of therapy.

Some of the factors that you should check are:

  • Customer support
  • Price
  • Certificate of proof
  • Payment methods
  • Return policy
  • Website navigation


DuckDose is the best one compared to others. This website offers next day delivery option for free of cost and that too worldwide. However you are supposed to check the rules in your countries and this online pharmacy do not ship the package due to some strict shipping policies.

There are two options available for doing the payment. People can opt for either credit card or bitcoin option.

This online pharmacy offers excellent customer care support and you can use their support at any time of your wish. There is no need to get worried about the budget as this online pharmacy offers various discounts on the medication.

You can get your medication at a cheaper rate. When the offer is peak it is possible for you to get the discount at the maximum of 67%. When you are going to order medication in bulk you can enjoy 47% of discount. Those who get the drug after paying through bitcoin are eligible to get a discount of 20%.

Those loyal customers would go about enjoying 15% discount on the next drug purchase.

Shipping options

Various shipping options are offered by this online pharmacy.

  • United States- Parcel would be shipped within 6 to 14 days
  • UK- the medication can be delivered within 3 to 7 days
  • Australia- People can get the package within 6 to 14 days
  • China- The residents are eligible to get the drug shipped within 7 to 14 days
  • Korea- Between 6 to 12 days the parcel would be delivered
  • France- 4 to 7 days are taken for the drug to be shipped to the place
  • Singapore- Just 3 to 5 days of time is required for the drug delivery
  • Spain- 20 to 30 days are needed to ship the medication to this country
  • Hong Kong- within 5 to 7 days the parcel would be delivered

This online pharmacy would not ship the medication package to certain parts of the world and this includes Canada.



This started in the year 2006 in the month of September after ModafinilCat is closed. The user friendly application is used by them and the customer care service is exceptional. Both the versions of the drug are offered by them.

The customer service is available for 24/7 hence you would get an immediate response from them. This online pharmacy would also accept two modes of payment and they are bitcoins and credit card. The advantage that you can claim from them is that they offer quick delivery.

Within a period of ten days, the parcel would be shipped to people. They have also framed a very polite return policy. AffinilExpress would also be offering discounts to various customers. It might range from 20% to 30%. Even loyal customers are offered with discount of 10%.

Image result for buy afinilexpress


Modafinilstar is another online pharmacy through which you can buy smart drugs online. It is in the business for more than two years. Varied payment options are offered by them.

Some of them are echeck, gift cards, BitCoins, Master Card, Altcoins and Debit card. The rate of Modafinil starts from just 0.71 USF. In addition to this, they would also be offering discounts to returning customers.

The customer care support that they offer is very amazing. The refunds and reshipments would also be made if the situation demands so. It is possible for you to get other smart drugs in this site.

If you are a resident of the US then you can get the parcel within 6 to 14 days. The package would be delivered to UK within three to ten days of time.

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Those who are in search to buy Modalert can choose this online pharmacy. There are various reasons behind this. The application is easy to be used. When you order smart drug from this you are assured with sure delivery.

Lab analysis are made for every batch hence the tablets that you consume are safe for your health. This extra level of security is taken by this online pharmacy and this is only for your safety. Even this online pharmacy offers customer care support for 24*7 and you can clarify your queries then and there.

Three versions of the smart drug is offered in Modapharma and you have to choose from them. They are Artrigril, Modalert and Modvigil.

The effect of the medication that you receive is mentioned to you without creating any hype. Now, let us check about the cost of the medication. The pills that you get from this online pharmacy are expensive when compared to other vendors. Discounts are offered if you buy the pills with bitcoins.


This is very new to the market and offers two different version of the smart drug. Those who want to buy Armodafinil should check other online pharmacies only.

The website that they use is outdated and follows only the basic payment methods. The options are bitcoin, credit card or PayPal. There is no return policy nor there is a certificate of analysis.


You now know what you have to look while buying Modafinil online. There is no need to be scared hereafter. However you have to be very cautious if you are going to choose one to get the Modafinil medication from. Check whether the package can be delivered to your country or not.

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